Watch Sea Lion Pups Do Water Ballet Around Delighted Swimmers at the Seashore

Scuba divers were beyond thrilled when a a group of young sea lions showed up in the water and surrounded them for a playtime of curious wonder.

The beaches and rocky shores of the Galapagos Islands are home to many sea lions, and the large animals so often look and act like our lovable canine companions that they referred to as “sea dogs” or “ocean puppies”.

The adult sea lions are not very interested in humans, with males being especially territorial, and weighing well over 300 pounds (150kg). They can seem quite grumpy if they are approached too closely.

But the juvenile sea lions are curious and fun loving creatures that will investigate anything interesting in the water.

Witness these pups suddenly surround a couple who were swimming. They were fascinated with the pair of humans who captured their shenanigans with an underwater camera.

The couple dove and rolled, trying to mimic the sea lions and engage them in a game. The camera also caught the sounds of the animals as they blew bubbles and communicated, while swimming gracefully in circles around Kristy, who was delighted to join in on their wild water ballet.