20 potentially habitable worlds found

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20 potentially habitable worlds found

Hlo drifters..

Now a days NASA has came out with tremendous new and interesting discoveries of new planets. On of those I am discussing with you all through this article of mine.

About this discovery

Scientists have foundScientists have found a full 20 new planets that could support life, suggesting here are more habitable worlds out there than we’d thought.

20 potentially habitable worlds found
20 potentially habitable worlds found

Interesting facts about these planets

The new findings come from NASA’S Kepler Mission to discover alien or potentially ourselves in the future in the future. And they are some of the most optimistic findings yet, suggesting new breakthroughs in our attempt to find “EARTH 2.0”

  • Some of the new worlds are remarkably similar to our own, avoiding the common differences that make it less likely they could really support life.
  • They seem to have temperatures very similar to our very life-encouraging climate.
  • The most encouraging of those planets is called KOI-7923.0, and might be the best chance yet for finding another earth. 🌏
20 potentially habitable worlds found
20 potentially habitable worlds found

Its year lasts 395 days, and it is 97 per cent the size of Earth, but a little colder.Its cold because its further from the sun, and that sun is little less warm.


  • New analysis of Kepler data revealed KOI-7923.01, an exoplanet  with a 395-day year
  • It is 97% of the size of Earth, but a little colder – similar to a tundra – and takes 395 Earth days to orbit its star

20 potentially habitable worlds found


What Kepler has found so far


  • 4034 candidate exoplanets
  • 2335 confirmed exoplanets

21 confirmed exoplanets less than twice Earth-size in the habitable zone


  • 520 candidate exoplanets
  • 148 confirmed exoplanets

Are these planets confirmed now..?

Scientists are certain that 70-80% of the latest planets founded are solid candidates for habitable worlds but they need to do further work to confirm so.

That work has become difficult because the Kepler spacecraft use to collect data has suffered technical problemssuffered technical problems that have made it less easy to see through.

  • Planet Kepler-186f is the first known EARTH size planet to lie within the habitable zone of a star beyond the Sun.





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